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Vetreska Bee Cat Scratching Ball

$69.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TVET10166S
  • Производитель: VETRESKA
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Product description

This adorable toy is not only a scratching paradise but also features dangling antennae that double as cat teasers. Your feline friend will be captivated by the playful movements of the antenna as they swat, bat, and pounce on the Bee Cat Scratching Ball. With its durable jute rope surface and interactive design, this toy provides the perfect combination of scratching satisfaction and engaging play.
The Bee Cat Scratching Ball is equipped with wrings that contain crinkle material, creating delightful noises that are sure to catch your cat's attention. Watch as they

🐝【Whimsical Design】The Bee Cat Scratching Ball features a charming and whimsical design that is sure to delight both you and your cat. The adorable bee-shaped toy, vibrant colors, and attention to detail in the design make it an eye-catching addition to your home decor. This visually appealing scratching ball adds a playful and decorative touch to any room while providing endless entertainment for your feline companion.
🐝【Satisfies Natural Instincts】With a durable jute rope surface, this scratching ball provides the perfect texture for your cat to scratch and maintain healthy claws. It satisfies their natural scratching instincts while keeping them away from your furniture.
🐝【Interactive Play】The Bee Cat Scratching Ball is designed to engage your cat in interactive play. The dangling antennae and wrings with crinkle material create enticing movement and sounds that capture your cat's attention, encouraging them to swat, bat, and pounce.
🐝【Safe and Non-Toxic】The Bee Cat Scratching Ball is crafted with safe materials, including non-toxic dyes, ensuring the well-being of your feline friend during playtime.
🐝【Durable and Sturdy Construction】Built to withstand energetic play, this scratching ball is designed with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand the antics of even the most enthusiastic cats.
🐝【Promotes Nail Health】Regular use of this scratcher helps maintain your cat's nail health, allowing them to naturally shed outer layers and preventing their claws from becoming overgrown.
🐝【Protects Furniture】By providing a dedicated scratching surface, the Bee Cat Scratching Ball helps redirect your cat's scratching behavior away from your furniture, preserving your home decor.
🐝【Compact and Space-Saving】The ball-shaped design of this scratching toy is compact and space-saving, making it ideal for smaller living spaces while still providing ample scratching opportunities.
🐝【Suitable for All Cats】Whether your cat is a playful kitten or a dignified senior, the Bee Cat Scratching Ball is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes, accommodating various play styles

● Materials: Jute, PVC, Foam, Chipboard, Flannel, Felt
● Color: Yellow, Black, White, Brown
● Product Size: 13.4*13.4*12.2 inches (L*W*H)
● Net Weight: 3.5 lbs

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Vetreska Bee Cat Scratching Ball

$69.99 USD

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