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Ytong/ aerated concrete Nest + Arena Set – 40×20

$249.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TANT10787S
  • Производитель: Antcube
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Product description

Ytong Nest + Arena Set includes Glass tube + Pad + Red Cover plate

Ytong is a brand name, the material itself is called aerated concrete.
Due to the water retaining property, the material is well suited for ant keeping. It can be used to keep a large number of burrowing species, both from dry and wet habitats. Depending on the ant species, it is recommended to cover the bottom of the chambers with substrate. Some species feel more comfortable this way and for example Ponerinae ant species need soil for their larvae to pupate properly. Since this nest already includes an arena, it can be used as a complete formicarium setup.

To prevent water from leaking out of the Ytong after moistening the nest area and collecting on the surface of the furniture below, or the rough material scratching the surfaces, we recommend using the included matching glass tub to go with our Ytong nest. It is waterproof and effectively protects underlying surfaces from water and scratch damage.

For ant species of size M – L.
Aerated concrete is a very brittle and fragile material. Therefore, due to the manufacturing process, it is impossible to prevent corners and edges from showing slight breaks and unevenness. Because of this, Ytong nests are not suitable for very small ant species of size S, as these species could easily break out here.

1x aerated concrete block 40x20x5 cm with 20mm deep chambers.
1x glass plate 40×20 cm with a 50mm opening and an arena 20×20 cm
1x ant arena frame 20×20
1x ant arena cover 20×20
1x 50mm ring with 27mm opening
1x formicarium plug 13mm
2x Formicarium plug 27mm
2x Formicarium plug 50mm
1x Red cover plate 20x20
1x Formicarium pad - 40x20cm
1x Glass tub 40x20


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Ytong/ aerated concrete Nest + Arena Set – 40×20

$249.99 USD

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