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Arcadia Bird PureSun Light Kit USA New Model Bird Cage Light for Parrots

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  • Sku: TARC5361S
  • Vendor: Arcadia bird
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Product description

Perfect Bird Cage Light Small Kit for Parakeet, Canary, Finch & Lovebird, etc.

With the Arcadia Bird Light, not only will you be able to bring health and vitality to your feathered friend, but you will experience first-hand the convenience of a cutting-edge lighting system designed with modern aesthetics. Coming equipped with the Arcadia Puresun Mini Lighting Kit, it provides 12 whole months of attractive full-spectrum UV light using only one power outlet, allowing you to free up extra wall sockets for other uses. What’s more, by providing your pet bird with natural sources of Vitamin D3 that is cycled in varying levels throughout the day, you can guarantee them all the warmth and vitality they need to thrive. Get the Arcadia Bird Light today to experience a modern and attractive full performance lighting kit that won’t let you down!

Quick Overview "Arcadia Bird Cage Light"

- Safe, effective and easy to use bird cage light kit
- This Arcadia bird cage light kit Provides UV-A and UV-B
- Bird Cage light Allows birds to make their own D3
- With Good colour vision bird cage light
- Inspires singing in songbirds
- Better reproduction
- Complete kit
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Arcadia Bird PureSun Light Kit USA New Model Bird Cage Light for Parrots

$139.98 USD
$119.98 USD

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