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BiOrb Earth 125 Smart Terrarium for Dart Frogs Reptile Terrariums

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Product description

Ideal for expert or beginner. biOrb EARTH gives you everything you need from a vivarium to be able to create the perfect home for your animals - whatever your ability. Expert keepers will revel in the precise, total control they have over every aspect of their biOrb EARTH's environment. Those newer to the incredible world of herpetology will delight at the biOrb EARTH's combination of comprehensiveness and ease of use.

Total control with the EARTH app

Every aspect of biOrb EARTH’s internal environment is set using the EARTH app. Simple to use, the app gives you precise control through its intuitive interface. Features like temperature, humidity, & lighting can all be set for individual days, seasons or for the entire year.

Through the biOrb EARTH app you will choose a climate plan based on the plants and animals you plan on keeping in your EARTH. The app’s major climate zones - Tropical rainforest, Humid subtropical, and Desert - can be tailored down to the smallest detail to ensure your plants and animals thrive in their new home. You can even create your own climate zone if necessary.

One power cable

With traditional vivariums you need several different cables; one for each light, another for the fan, and so on.

biOrb EARTH needs just ONE power cable, requiring a single socket. Additionally the EARTH is low voltage

See your animals in their home

biOrbs are made with acrylic instead of glass. Acrylic is incredibly strong and acrylic is a good insulator so you don’t lose much heat.

Acrylic allows 23% more light to pass through. The astonishing clarity of acrylic is why your biOrb bursts with color and life in a way you may never have seen before.

Authentic 3D temperature environment

The temperature varies from the bottom to the top of the unit, and the constant feed of fresh (warm or cooled) air mixes in with the unit’s re-circulating air. The combination heating elements enables temperatures of up to 113°F or down to 5°F below ambient (64°F).

1. Patented temperature control unit — Using a solid-state Peltier driven heat pump and fans, air is constantly recirculated within the tank, heating and cooling as required.

2. Substrate heater cable — Maintains the ground temperature. Its heating element can be configured to create warm basking spots in a particular corner, or along a side. Direct heating of the substrate mimics the real world, where the ground is slower to heat up in the morning and cool in the evening. The heater cables also stimulate plant growth.

The humidity your animals expect

1. Ultrasonic mister — Built-in with dedicated fan and tank hidden at the rear. The Ultrasonic mister produces a gentle ‘swirling’ ultra-fine mist that hydrates the plants right down to their roots.

2. Rain nozzles — Twin integrated, directional nozzles recreate rainfall cycles of natural habitats.

3. Temperature and humidity sensors — Two sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels your animals require.

4. Capillary matting — At the base is a free draining support layer. This ensures the correct level of moisture for your plants and bio-active substrate.

Recreating a day from the natural world

Nestled in the hood of the biOrb EARTH are four banks for lighting units. Each EARTH comes with two Sunlight LED units, a UV-light unit, and a RGB and Infrared unit.

  • Long life Sunlight LED bulbs are the closest to real sunlight of any light available. To fully recreate the natural world, each day in your biOrb EARTH begins with sunrise. Then moves to midday and, finally, sunset. Three separate channels increase and decrease in sequence so your biOrb EARTH features a true, east-west solar day – benefiting both your animals and plants.

  • Just like us your animals need vitamin D3 to grow and maintain strong bones. In the natural world, ultraviolet from the sun’s rays (UVA & UVB) is absorbed through the skin generating vitamin D3 production. The EARTH’s Dimmable Ultraviolet Lamp replicates the UVA and UVB rays your animals naturally receive. UV-A stimulates pigmentation. UV-B stimulates vitamin D3 synthesis from the precursor vitamin D2.

  • To complete the full spectrum of natural sunlight, biOrb EARTH adds the sun’s ‘invisible rays’ (near infrared) to provide natural warmth, ideal for basking reptiles.

There’s no standard configuration for biOrb EARTH’s range of lights. You can arrange the four banks in the combination which best suits your plants and animals. 

Keeping it inside the EARTH

The biOrb EARTH uses a clear air system to ensure the air coming in and out of the unit is always clean and fresh. Fresh air enters from a fan on the back of the unit. The air is drawn through an activated carbon pre-filter to keep it free from any contaminants, such as aerosols. This new air displaces some from within the unit which is exhausted through activated carbon filters in the EARTH hood’s wings.

There are also gasket seals around the hood and all external openings to maintain the EARTH’s stable, natural conditions of temperature and humidity. These filters and seals not only hold back odors, they also keep any fruit flies or other live food inside the unit.

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BiOrb Earth 125 Smart Terrarium for Dart Frogs Reptile Terrariums

$1,840.99 USD

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