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Disney Cubical Cat Condo with Lounging Towers, Sisal Scratching Posts, and Swatting Toys

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  • Sku: TPEN0188S
  • Vendor: Penn-Plax

Product description

Cat Condo with Lounging Towers

Penn-Plax presents the officially licensed Disney Cubical Cat Condo.

This piece has enough space for multiple cats,
and allows your feline friends to take a nap,
or play, climb, and scratch to their little hearts’ content.
Disney fans will surely notice that Mickey’s famous silhouette takes shape
in the resting platforms, two of the entrances, and even in the swatting toys!

                                                   Cozy Cottages:
It’s no secret that cats and kittens love their snug hideaway spots.
This condo tower incorporates two comfortable and cozy cubbyholes for your feline friends to curl up and take a catnap!
With separate cubbyholes, cats can enjoy their own space, if they so choose.
This piece is made of high quality felt with plush cushions inside for resting, along with durable paper rope scratching posts.

                                             Nothing like a Distraction:
Although we love our pets, we don’t necessarily have to sacrifice our household items for their love.
The Disney Cubical Condo will keep your cat preoccupied and their claws away from furniture.
Furthermore, it incorporates two paper rope scratchers, keeping them and their claws busy.

23.6” (D) x 16.5” (W) x 39.4” (H)

                                                Great for Adventurers:
For kitties who enjoy climbing and keeping busy, there are multiple levels for them to explore and play on!
In addition to several platforms for viewing (or silently judging),
there are two Mickie Mouse swatting toys that will keep them happily batting away.

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Disney Cubical Cat Condo with Lounging Towers, Sisal Scratching Posts, and Swatting Toys

$159.99 USD

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