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Talis-us Double Bulb Fixture with Arcadia and 6.5k Day-Light Bulbs HO T5 UVB Reptile Light Terrarium Hood

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  • Sku: TTAL5655S
  • Vendor: Talis Us
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Product description

Talis-us high output T5 double bulb fixture is designed to offer just the right balance of quality and functionality. Thanks to the high-efficiency reflector coupled with the bright bulbs, our HO T5 light fixture offers more brightness and improved performance while being a breeze to mount making it just the right choice for any enclosure. T5 Double Bulb Fixture comes with a UVB bulb that provides UVB light rays which is necessary for your reptile’s synthesis of vitamin D3.

We also include a 6500K daylight bulb to spread warm, bright light inside the habitat. When it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. Our UVB heat light fixtures are made for long-term use and feature a sleek design so you can mount them in habitats. It comes with all the mounting accessories you need to mount it as well as being suitable for use with most vivariums and habitats.

Spread bright light and create the perfect space for reptiles with our T5 double bulb fixture with bulbs set.

Double Bulb Fixture Set: Each pack comes with a T5 Double Bulb Fixture with an Arcadia Bulb UVB and a 6500K Day-Light Bulb that produces more lumens to deliver bright lighting in a sleek and functional form

Sleek And Sturdy: The UVB reptile light fixture is made using durable and sturdy materials to provide long term use while being sleek and lightweight to complement most habitats. It comes with a pair of surface mounting accessories for quick installations

UVB Bulb: The double bulb light fixture comes with an T5 HO Bulb that offers 6%, 12% and 14% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3 and provides the perfect fit for desert species. The UVB bulb is bright, efficient, and won’t flicker

Natural Day Lighting: The reptile UVB light fixture with T5 6500K bulb delivers a high lumen output to light up the space. They offer brighter light, more efficiency, and last longer while the bulb tube fixture keeps them safely in place

Simple To Use: Our plug in light fixtures for reptiles are designed with a long cable cord and feature a built in On/Off switch so you can operate it with ease as well as being more power-efficient. Input Voltage: AC110-130V

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Talis-us Double Bulb Fixture with Arcadia and 6.5k Day-Light Bulbs HO T5 UVB Reptile Light Terrarium Hood


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