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TropicZone Box Turtle Diet Stage-2 Juvenile Formula

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TropicZone’s Stage-2 Juvenile Box Turtle Diet is the perfect food choice for Box Turtles and other terrestrial turtles in the 3-5 inch size range. The smaller sized pelleted formulations makes consumption on dry land much easier than any other product on the market, and the outstanding 42% protein – 10% fat nutrient profile of the diet assures that these omnivorous turtles are getting what they require to remain healthy and growing at this stage of development. Included with the specially formulated pellets are dried shrimp, dried mealworms, and dried black fly larva (all excellent forms of natural proteins and fats), healthful fish oil nutrients with Omega-3 fats, and a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement. Finally, a portion of cuttlebone nuggets are included, natures perfect source of natural dietary calcium. Together, these ingredients make up a diet the juvenile Box Turtles will thrive on. TropicZone Stage-2 Juvenile Box Turtle Diet should be offered in a low feeding dish, on a continual basis so that the turtles may forage throughout the day.
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TropicZone Box Turtle Diet Stage-2 Juvenile Formula


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