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TropicZone Box Turtle Natural Fruit and Berry Treats

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As a Treat, there is nothing Box Turtles love more than Fruits and Berries! Apples: green or red, and Berries, such as Cranberry’s, Blueberry’s, and Blackberries are all fantastic natural treats for all North American Box Turtles, many Tropical Tortoise varieties, and a delicacy for many imported species. Fruits & Berries provide an important source of vitamins and fibers these turtles need to remain strong and healthy, and with added calcium from natural cuttlebone – it’s a healthy treat that will have even the shyest turtles come Running! Now you can give your favorite turtles a completely natural wonderland of tasty fruit & berries, without all the inconvenience, cost, and hassle of the grocery store.
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TropicZone Box Turtle Natural Fruit and Berry Treats


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