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Ultimate Window Perch Cat Climber & Tree (45” Tall)

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  • Sku: TPET5462S
  • Vendor: PetFusion
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Product description

  • Safe & Sturdy: (I) uniquely combines the features of a window perch & The stimulation of a climbing post in a minimalistic way. (Ii) three heavy duty suction cups for added strength & a 42” scratching post with small base for added support. (Iii) other window perches are prone to collapsing or are difficult for the cat to climb onto, which requires placing furniture in front
  • Interactive design improves your cat's Wellness: (I) for cats who love to scratch, climb, Lounge, & curiously observe the outside world. (Ii) combines your cat's natural climbing & scratching instincts with the environmental enrichment they need. (Iii) even though cats have been domesticated for centuries, they still have their ancestors’ untamed heightened senses and instincts of a hunter
  • Thoughtful TOUCHES add style & stimulation: (I) open platform offers a challenging alternative to reaching the perch. 2 options for less or more of a challenge depending on your cat
  • Peace of mind: (I) premium E0 grade MDF passes formaldehyde safety regulations. (Ii) also passes stricter European reach standards
  • You should know: (I) 21 x 21 X 45 inches (law). (II) replacement posts available. (Iii) includes organic USA grown catnip leaf to entice your cats
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Ultimate Window Perch Cat Climber & Tree (45” Tall)

$68.98 USD

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