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Zoo Med Reptivite Reptile Vitamins without D3

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Product description

Zoo Med Reptivite without D3 is a complete vitamin, mineral, and amino complex, specifically formulated for reptiles. This is the first reptile vitamin to include the complete amino complex (essential for protein digestion). Reptivite is calcium-based to ensure the correct 2:1 calcium-to-phosphorus ratio for healthy bone growth.

  • Complete vitamin, mineral and amino complex for reptiles
  • Calcium-based to ensure healthy bone growth
  • First reptile vitamin to include complete amino complex
  • Contains no artificial additives or fillers

Originally developed for the San Diego Zoo to correct soft-shell problems in turtles, Reptivite without D3 is now used by reptile keepers and enthusiasts the world over. Contains no soy, yeast, or sucrose.

Made in the USA.

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Zoo Med Reptivite Reptile Vitamins without D3


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