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Farm Hounds Grass-Fed Beef Weasand Dog Chews

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Calling all pups and pup parents: your four-legged BFF will go crazy for the new Farm Hounds Grass-Fed Beef Weasand Dog Chews! Perfectly sized to enjoy anytime, these chews are made with only 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle sourced transparently so that you can know exactly where their food is coming from. Plus, not only are Farm Hounds chews humanely raised, they also support regenerative agriculture practices helping to restore soil health and keep it healthier for longer.
What else makes these chews so special? Thanks to dehydration these treats are highly digestible and full of flavour! That means not only do they taste great but they release their deliciousness slowly over time, making playtime even more enjoyable. Plus these bites can help clean your pup’s teeth as he chews away on them for hours. It’s win-win all around!
So if you want a treat that your dog will truly love, look no further than the new Farm Hounds Grass-Fed Beef Weasand Dog Chews. Your pup will thank you for bringing him better nutrition, better taste, and longer lasting joy - it couldn’t get any easier than that!

Contains many enzymes to help break down the fruits, veggies, and grains found in typical dog food! High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Beta Carotene, Chondroitin.

High in protein, low in fat! Great addition to a raw dog meal.

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Beef Weasand (Esophagus)

Sizing: 6"-7" in length, Scraps average around 1"

Sourcing: one of our incredible Farm Partners

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Farm Hounds Grass-Fed Beef Weasand Dog Chews

$4.49 USD

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