Top Tips For Canine Safety

You just got home from work and your dog has been patiently waiting for your return. Your pup rushes to you in a pure jolt of excitement and you embrace each other in a loving show of emotion.

We all know how important dogs are in our lives. They are part of our family. Our Pups have worked their way into our hearts and will forever be in our memories. We want the best for our furry friends. We buy them the best food, the best toys, and give them the best medical care. Our dogs are everything!

For this reason we do everything in our power to keep them safe and sound forever. Follow these tips and you will keep your canine in tip top shape for decades to come!

1. Use a Rechargeable LED Collar

We walk our beloved pets at all hours of the day. Morning, evening, and night, we find ourselves taking them out to both exercise and relieve themselves. Whether you use a leash or let your canine roam freely, you want to use a Rechargeable LED Collar.

When the sun is dipping below the horizon our field of vision becomes significantly less detailed, even more so when the sun has completely gone down. Because our beloved pups walk on all fours, they are not always as visible. One thing is for sure though, a bright LED collar will make your canine shine like the moon.

For the same reason Bikers wear reflective clothing and lights, you want to give your dog a Rechargeable LED Collar. How would it make you feel if a biker, car, or other moving object didn't see your family pet and came into contact with it. This is just one reason why you should buy your dog a ​Rechargeable LED Collar​.

Never lose sight of your pet again. With this bright ​rechargeable LED collar​you will find comfort in knowing that when you take your dog camping, on evening hikes, or if they get lost, you know they will be easy to find.

2. Avoid Busy Streets

Traffic is the number one cause of accidental tragedies for our beloved canine family members. Traffic coupled with rain makes for a disaster that can be avoidable. Of course some cars will always try to stop for a breakaway dog, but not always in time. These are all good reasons that you avoid busy streets when walking your dog.

Stick to quiet, tranquil side streets and parks where you have lots of open spaces and wide views so you can always see your canine when he is roaming free. If you have no choice and must walk on busy streets try to use a ​Retractable Dog Leash with a built in Flashlight​.

Often times, loud noises and sudden bangs can spook your pup and cause him to bolt. When walking on busy streets you never know what kind of scenario will play out. It is best to air on the side of caution and simply stay away. Keep this in mind the next time you take your dog out for some bonding time!

3. Walk in Well Lit Areas

If you live in an area that is not well lit, or the sun goes down early, then you owe it to yourself and your pup to stand out to the world. One of the best ways to stand out is by wearing a ​LED Dog Harness​. Even if it means that you have to spend a few dollars, it is negligible compared to the safety of your best buddy.

When you walk around wearing an ​LED Dog Harness​you will stand out to the crowd and everyone will see you coming. It is as much of safety statement as it is a fashion statement. These harnesses come in multiple colors and utilize luminescent technology that is sure to make your canine seen by the world. If one thing is for sure, it is that you can not afford to not spend a few bucks on this potentially life saving piece of technology.

4. DogBooties

One thing is for certain, your pup is like a magnet to dirt. Your leisurely walk around the neighborhood will quickly turn into a hefty clean up session when you return to the house. One way to protect yourself from unnecessary cleaning is by wearing dog booties on your walks. Not only is this helpful with cleanup, it is also a safety issue.

The ground may get slick with water and even ice depending on where you live. Dog booties help to protect your dogs paws as well as provide traction. These protective, stylish additions to your dog's personality will not only keep your dog grounded, but also prevent him from tracking any unnecessary dirt back into your home.

Just as we take off our shoes when we return, take off your dogs booties and let him run safe, free and clean. Before you put on those dog booties, make sure you keep your pups nails nice and trim. It is helpful to have a professional tool like this ​Electric Nail Grinder​that is easy and safe to use

“Our Pups are part of our family, Lets treat them as such!”

Make it your duty to be a responsible dog owner. Your canine is totally dependent on you. This means that it is your duty to take total responsibility for them. It's the same thing when we learn how to drive; we assume total responsibility over the car we are driving. The same goes for our canine friends. We must take all measures to ensure that they are given the best equipment, and taken out in a safe and precautious manner.

We truly love them, so let's do what it takes to keep them around for as long as possible. Follow these simple steps to increase the time you and your pup will spend together. It is with great honor that we share these tips with you. Information is a blessing, but it only goes as far as a person can use it. Get out, and safe walking!