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Reptile Thermostat & Thermometer

Reptile Thermostat

Purchasing the best reptile thermostat you can is one of the most helpful and impactful things you can do for your pet that is reptile thermostat.

As you know, maintaining the proper temperature is crucial if you own a reptile. These animals need very special and unique conditions in order to thrive and stay healthy.
But if you’re using a subpar thermostat to control the temperature you could be asking for trouble. Inaccurate or fluctuating temperatures can cause serious problems for your pet (without you even noticing) to avoid use a reptile thermostat.

Advanced temperature controllers as reptile thermostat can be used for precision temperature controller and other controllers like lighting control, heating cooling lighting, and even humidity control. Housed in desktop-style cases they can easily sit on top of your rack, cage, or incubator. A new revolutionary auto power matching algorithm constantly adjusts the power output to get the best regulation possible. Herpstat 2spyder thermostat

.Talis reptile store has a huge variety thermostats to help you maintain the most stable and accurate environmental temperatures possible We stock and recommend the Vivarium Electronics,Spyder Robotics Herpstat , Exo Terra, Zoo Med Laboratories

ON/OFF Thermostats- these reptile thermostats read the temperature and simply turn your heat source on or off to regulate temperature. A good choice for under tank heaters, heat tape, or cable.

Pulse Proportional Thermostats- these units continuously read the temperature and send pulses of energy to your heat source to gently nudge the temperature to the desired level. These are more accurate and consistent than on/off units. An ideal choice for heat tape (especially long runs), under tank heat heaters, heat emitters and heat cables.

Dimming Thermostat (for heat lamps)- These reptile temperature controls constantly take the temperature and then, just like a light dimmer, decrease or increase power to your heating source. These are the only type of thermostat that should be used with incandescent heat lamps.

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Exo Terra 600w Dimming & Pulse Reptile Thermostat with Day/Night Timer.

Exo Terra 600w Dimming &...

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Herpstat 2 - Spyderweb (Spyder Robotics).

Herpstat 2 - Spyderweb (...

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Spyder Robotics Herpstat 2 Reptile Thermostat Pulse Proportional.

Spyder Robotics Herpstat...

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Vivarium Electronics The...


Digital Thermostat VE-10...

Vivarium Electronics Best Reptile Thermostat Digital VE-300.

Vivarium Electronics Bes...

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Herpstat 6 (Spyder Robotics).

Spyder Robotics Herpstat...

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Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digita...

Herpstat 4 (Spyder Robotics).

Herpstat 4 (Spyder Robot...

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Exo-Terra Rept-O-Meter R...

Zoo Med Environmental Control Center Habitat Automation System - Talis Us
Zoo Med Laboratories CPD

Zoo Med Environmental Co...

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Zoo Med Repti Rain Autom...

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