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Reptile Housing Accessories

Reptile Housing Accessories

When choosing accessories for your reptile’s terrarium, consider the following:

#1 Safe Terrarium Decor:

Choose decorations, such as rocks and plants, that have only smooth surfaces. Your reptile may cut or scrape himself on a sharp surface.

#2 Wash Plants

If you use live plants to decorate your terrarium, research them to make sure they aren’t poisonous to animals. Wash them thoroughly with water before planting them in your terrarium. This will remove pesticides, which can harm your reptile.

#3 Safe Heating Elements

Avoid using hot rocks as heating elements. These heat sources can become too hot and burn your reptile. Under the glass heat pads are safer. ship your reptiles

#4 Pick the Right Bedding

Use the right substrate for your pet. Different species of reptiles require different types of bedding. Research the needs of your particular reptile to make sure you are giving him the right substrate, and stick to commercially sold types. These are safer for reptiles than sand, wood chips or other material gathered outdoors.

#5 Avoid Live Prey

If you have a reptile that eats crickets, don’t leave them in your pet’s enclosure for too long. Crickets can harm your reptile by biting your reptile’s skin and eyes. Give your reptile only two or three crickets at a time, and don’t give him more until he eats them. After an hour, remove any crickets he hasn’t eaten.


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