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Small Animal Cage & Habitats

Small Animal cage

The proper habitat for a small animal will differ depending on the animal. From chinchillas to rabbits to rats, Talis has the right cages for your furry friend. See all of the Talis products here cage ferret, hamster cage, guinea pig cage, rabbit cage, cage chinchilla
It's very important to bring your small animal pet to a veterinarian for an annual check-up. Some will need annual vaccinations, such as rabbits and ferrets. Doing some homework is recommended before purchasing a small mammal as a pet. Before you bring your new guinea pig cage, hamster cage, small pets, gerbil cage make sure you’re all set up with everything you need to create a healthy and happy habitat for your new pet You can find in our pet store small animal cage, small pet cages for sale, midwest homes for pets, favola hamster cage, ferret cage, exercise wheel syrian hamsters


58" Large Wooden Rabbit ...

Kaytee® CPD

Kaytee Open Living Rooft...

from $41.98
Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER Habitat for Small Animals.
Kaytee® CPD

Kaytee CritterTrail SUPE...

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Kaytee CritterTrail Play...

Oxbow animal health® enriched life habitat play yard for small large french bulldog, golden retriever, pet store, chinchilla, hamster, sugar
Oxbow Animal Health®

Oxbow Animal Health® Enr...

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Oxbow Animal Health® Enriched Life Habitat Play Yard for Small Animal X-Large.
Oxbow Animal Health®

Oxbow Animal Health® Enr...

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Wooden chicken coop all-weather hen house easy assembly convenient access backyard animal rearing french bulldog, golden retriever, pet
Talis Us

Wooden Chicken Run All-w...

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Mid West®

Mid West® Gold Zinc Exer...

Talis Us

Slant Sunlight Panel Out...

Talis Us

Outdoor Wooden Chicken C...

Solid wood enclosed outdoor backyard chicken coop kit with nesting box french bulldog, golden retriever, pet store, chinchilla, hamster,
  • USD51-108
Talis Us

Solid Wood Enclosed Outd...

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Portable plastic mini hamster cage mice nest travel small animal carrying living habitat house french bulldog, golden retriever, pet store,
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
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Portable Plastic Mini Ha...

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