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Arcadia Reptile D3Evo 100w UVB Basking Lamp Mercury Vapor

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The D3Evo 100w UVB Basking Lamp from Arcadia Reptile is a great choice for keeping your pet reptile healthy and happy. Proper exposure to UVB light is vital for many reptiles, as it helps them synthesise Vitamin D3 and absorb calcium for strong bones and muscles. This luxurious D3 basking lamp provides up to five times the amount of D3 as compared to other brands, emitting high-output UVB from 12% to 20%. Its sleek design features stainless steel clips that keep it securely in place, while the five watt UV output ensures successful D3 photosynthesis in reptiles over a four-foot area. With the D3Evo Lamp, you can have peace of mind knowing your pet is getting optimal levels of D3 and healthy ultraviolet light.

  • Design by experts for use in the USA and Canada
  • A total redesign of tech
  • Probably the only SBMVL for reptiles designed for 110v and not converted from 240v
  • Stable UV Index values
  • Rich in IR-A
  • High CRI
  • Easy to use
  • UV stable for up to 1 year
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Arcadia Reptile D3Evo 100w UVB Basking Lamp Mercury Vapor

$48.99 USD

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