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Canine Caviar Open Range Holistic Grain Free Cat and Kitten Entrée

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Introducing Canine Caviar's Open Range Holistic Grain Free Cat and Kitten Entrée! We know that cats need a balanced eating plan that makes them feel loved and nourished. That's why we've crafted this natural, grain-free entrée made with high-quality buffalo as the protein. Rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA, and a great source of vitamin D, Open Range is sure to boost your cats' health from the inside out! Not only will your cats enjoy the delicious beef flavor, but you can rest easy knowing they're getting a full, nutrient-rich meal every day. Open Range is a great way to give your cats the nutrition they need while still spoiling them with the delicious meals they love. Your cats have never had it so good. Try Canine Caviar's Open Range Holistic Grain Free Cat Entrée today!

Grain Free Formula

Feline Caviar’s Open Range cat food is a grain free kibble formula. Grain Free cat food may provide your cat with more energy and the added taurine may help to support heart health in your four-legged family member.

Aids With Hairball Control

Coconut fiber helps move hair through the digestive tract.

Limited Ingredient Diet

Limited ingredient diets have fewer ingredients to help reduce food intolerances and or allergic reactions. Our limited ingredient diets use no fillers, Hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free; no corn, wheat or soy means allergy free.


Alfalfa, fenugreek, kelp, papaya, and rose hips provide the extra nutritional difference that you and your pet will observe.

Nutrient Dense

Nutrient dense proteins for energy and complex carbohydrates for endurance.

Holistic and Alkalizing

Feline Caviar’s Open Range is a holistic and alkalizing diet. Free Range promotes proper pH levels in your companion’s body. Proper pH helps lead to good health and allows the body to function more naturally.

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Canine Caviar Open Range Holistic Grain Free Cat and Kitten Entrée


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