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JUMBO Arcadia Power Compact 55 Watt 12% UV Flood Light Kit

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Product description

12% UV Flood Light:

  • High Light and UVB levels
  • Flicker-free UV Flood Light
  • Very energy efficient UV Flood Light
  • Easy internal fitting 
  • Waterproof UV Flood Light
  • Easy lamp change 
  • Produces a targeted flood of UV enabling the keeper to set a photo-gradient 
  • Allows the proper production and use of the D3 cycle 
  • Balanced UVA and UVB output and a natural daylight color Ideal for shallow vivaria for Desert species and tall vivaria for arboreal species. 
  • Compact (the 55w unit is only 22" long)
  • UV Flood Light can be used horizontally or vertically to obtain the area of emission required Eliminate MBD!! 
  • 24W Plant Pro lamp can also be purchased separately and used alongside this fitting if you wish to grow live plants

Benefits of D3 UV Flood Light

Over the last 5 years, reptile lighting science has grown and evolved and allowed the keeping and breeding of captive reptiles to become easier and more productive. Arcadia Reptile has led the world in designing the very best “Solar re-creation” systems and pioneered True High Output T5 technology.

Arcadia Reptile is delighted to push the boundaries even further with the Arcadia Reptile “UV Flood Light”. This highly effective UV Flood Light unit allows a keeper to provide high levels of visible light and UV over a targeted area. Light is emitted at 45 degrees from the fitting and allows the keeper to set a pattern of light over a designated area. This provides a wide basking area for the animal to use and allows the keeper to provide areas of useful shade where required for a full and effective photo gradient.

The fitting can be easily fitted into a vivarium by inserting 2 screws through the screw holes in the top of the fitting. UV flood uses a seal and lamp collar to secure the UV Flood Light tight into the unit which means that the entire fitting is IP67 waterproof. The fitting can be affixed to the Floodlighting stand which allows the safe and effective use of the product over tortoise tables.

The Arcadia Reptile UV Flood Light uses state-of-the-art electronics to provide a flicker-free and highly energy-efficient source of lighting. High Output Compact lighting enables keepers to use a true High Output source of lighting in smaller enclosures than ever before and as a supplementary “boosting zone” in larger enclosures.

UV Flood Light can be seated on mesh topped views to provide light in a sleek shallow designed fitting.


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JUMBO Arcadia Power Compact 55 Watt 12% UV Flood Light Kit

$249.98 USD
$199.98 USD

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