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Vee Enterprises Purrfect™ Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toys

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Our new Vee Enterprises Purrfect™ Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toys are your purr-fect companion for giving your furry friend hours of fun and playful joy! Crafted from natural tinted feathers, crunchy tear resistant plastic, 18 inch clear colored wand and 6 inch springy flex cable – these bouncers offer cats with endless hours of entertainment.

The specifically crafted cat toys come in an array of bright, brilliant colors that is undeniably attractive to cats as they play together. When the catcher is snatched a loud crinkly sound whistles through the air. The sturdy construction of each toy is tear resists throughout time, providing your cat with lasting potential for playtime. Plus, the long wand allows for ample distance between your hand and kitty’s sharp claws when he’s playing catch.

Studies have proven that regular playtime helps reduce stress in cats which can lead to an overall healthy body and mind which is why we at Vee Enterprises care so much about offering cat owners and their pets with these toys - so you can both enjoy quality moments together. Keep your bond strong and bookend it with lively purr-fect moments today!

  • Natural Tinted Feathers
  • Crunchy Tear Resistant Plastic
  • Assorted Colors
  • 18 Inch Clear Colored Wand
  • 6 Inch Springy Flex Cable
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Vee Enterprises Purrfect™ Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toys

$13.99 USD

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