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Volkman Seed Company Featherglow Parrot Treat 1ea/4 lb

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  • Sku: TVOL7807S
  • Vendor: Volkman Seed Company
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Product description

Featherglow Avian Diets are among the world's finest nutritional mixes formulated exclusively for pet birds. Store in a cool dry place; refrigerate for extended freshness. Keep plenty of clean water available at all times Contains: Safflower Seed, Fruit Medley (Sun-dried Apricots, Peaches, Golden Raisins, Pears, Black Currants, Cranberries), Shelled Peanuts, Yellow Corn, White Corn, Banana Chips, Papaya Dices, Carrot Dices, Deluxe Trail Mix (Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Dates, Coconut, Apricots, Raisins, Shelled Almonds, Shelled Hazelnuts, Shelled Brazil Nuts, Hulled Sunflower Seeds), White Pumpkin Seed, NutriBrite Fortified Pellets, Rainbow Pineapple and Papaya, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Dehydrated Green Peas, Pitted Dates, Orange Slices, Anise Oil.

  • Product Gross Weight: 4.3167 lb
  • Product Net Weight: 4.3167 lb
  • Product Height: 2.00 in
  • Product Length: 15.00 in
  • Product Width: 11.00 in
  • Flavor: Banana
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Volkman Seed Company Featherglow Parrot Treat 1ea/4 lb

$21.99 USD
$19.99 USD

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