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Ant arena cover 30x30cm

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  • Sku: TANT5463S
  • Vendor: Antcube
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Product description

Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x30x0.4 cm

Material: float glass

Colour: crystal clear / transparent

1x ant arena cover
1x fixing points of 4 pcs.

Glass cover for the ant arena as escape protection

The glass ant arena cover is placed on an ant arena and also serves to regulate the climate.
Various modules for climate control can be plugged into the 50mm openings, e.g. ventilation grilles, lighting or humidification.
To prevent ants from escaping through the openings, an escape protection (oil, powder or paint) should be attached to the underside around the holes.

A notice:
Since the item is made of glass and is therefore sensitive to breakage, the item should be handled very carefully.
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Ant arena cover 30x30cm

$92.79 AUD

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