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Ant arena frame 30x30cm

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  • Sku: TANT5462S
  • Vendor: Antcube
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Product description

Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x30x0.4 cm

Material: float glass

Colour: crystal clear / transparent

1x ant arena frame

Glass frame for the ant arena as escape protection

The ant arena frame is a glass frame that is placed on top of an ant arena and coated with an escape barrier (oil, powder or paint) on the underside to prevent ants from escaping.

A notice:
Since the item is made of glass and is therefore sensitive, the item should be handled very carefully. Glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. In the case of extremely small ant species, additional escape protection is essential.
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Ant arena frame 30x30cm

$72.63 AUD

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