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TropicZone Insect Treat & Dietary Aide

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TropicZone Insect Supplement & Treat is the Perfect addition to the Diet of any Insect eating Species. TropicZone’s Insect Treat/Supplement is a nutritious combination of Dried Crickets, Dried Black Fly Larva, Dried Silkworm pupae, and Dried Mealworms. All lightly dusted with pure ground Cuttlebone – Natures perfect source of dietary calcium. Reptiles, including Lizards, Turtles, and Geckos. Amphibians, such as Frogs and Salamanders. Mammals including Sugar Gliders and Hedgehogs and even larger Aquarium Fishes will benefit from the collective nutrients Insects provide. So, skip the Hassel of always feeding live foods and keep a jar of TropicZone’s Insect Treat/Supplement Handy

Ingredients: Dried Black Fly Larva, Dried Mealworms, Dried Crickets, Dried Silkworm Pupa, Natural Cuttlebone Powder.

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TropicZone Insect Treat & Dietary Aide


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