Bird cage and stand

Bird cage and stand

  1. Flight Cage from Prevue Pet Products

Reviewers that keep little birds unanimously praised the performance of this flight cage. "I'm not sure if it's possible, but I think my canary enjoys his new home even more than I do. Since he got it three days ago, he hasn't stopped playing with it or soaring from one end to the other. The reviewer exclaims that "excellent technical details were certainly done by a seasoned bird lover because this cage is a delight to operate with."

Another person is overjoyed that his birds are happier now that they have more space to fly, and he comments, "Learned via study that our birds enjoy flying horizontally, and this cage is excellent for them." Since we transferred them into this cage, the birds have become significantly more active, chatty, and appear to be in a better mood overall. Another user claims that his "parakeets are just loving the freedom this cage allows," to the point where his "parrot and cat are enjoying watching the parakeets in their cage," and yet another user says that he simply enjoys watching his finch "working on learning some new tricks" with the extended flight room provided by the cage.

  1. Prevue Pet Products Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeding Cage System with Stand

This bird owner is happy because she can finally put her love birds together. "They love this cage, and if they start fighting, I just slide the divider in, and they play well by themselves," she says. Because of that divider, many owners say that this is a great choice for those who have birds that fight a lot. "We got this for two foster budgies who were fighting a lot because their cage was too small. We thought that we could use the removable divider to put them in separate timeouts without separating them completely," says one. Another person says, "This cage is great. I don't use the divider to keep the birds from fighting, but to make it easier to clean. The pull-out pans make it easy to clean, and the divider lets us clean each half separately so the birds don't get out. If you have two canaries that have mated and a single male that needs to be separated, this gives you two cages for the price of one. "This can work if you want one big cage or two smaller ones, because the divider is easy to take out and put back in. The cage is easy to clean and you can get to almost any part of it without your birds getting out. This is just what I and my birds need."

  1. Prevue Shanghai Parakeet Cage

Owners of parakeets came in droves to purchase this adorable cage that was designed just for parakeets. "The moment he was moved, he began whistling and walking in circles around it. "He gives his full approval and is much happier now that he has more space," lauds the owner of a parakeet. Another user comments that it is "a bit bigger" than what is often advised for a parakeet, but that their pet "seems to be loving the increased room." "Keets like to sleep high," says one reviewer, "and this cage allows you to put a little perch up top so they feel extremely comfortable." Another reviewer praises the "lots of area to hang toys and set perches without interfering in their way."

  1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Iron Flight Cage

A male canary, two female canaries, three society finches, and two fancy zebra finches are among the birds in my collection. One bird owner remarked, "They are enjoying the space so much, and they act like a joyful family." Another person who is passionate about birds says that she uses this product because "it provides her eight parakeet’s loads of flying area." However, even those who just have one or two birds find that this huge flight cage is convenient. According to one person's explanation, "there is more than enough space for all types of toys, yet kids can still roam around without getting caught up in it all."

One customer said that she got this cage for her canary because he wasn't happy with his previous cage and she wanted to make him happy. She said, "My canary is overjoyed to have extra room, and now I no longer worry about him being confined when I'm not home." Immediately upon completion of the construction of this enclosure, he climbed inside, had a look around, and began joyfully singing. According to the conclusion reached by this reviewer, "Your feathery buddies will adore the space and protection from harm."

  1. Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

"I really like this bird. This reviewer says that it is easy to store because it can be collapsed into a smaller size and folds together like a dog kennel. Another person says, "I had my reservations about this cage being retractable and all of stuff, but now I adore it, and so does my sun conure." They continue by saying, "It was larger than imagined, which is obviously beneficial for longer journeys or vehicle drives." According to one reviewer, the cage is "too little to keep a bird in full-time," but it is "excellent for travelling or night usage."

In point of fact, hundreds of reviewers choose to use this product as a travel cage since, as the reviewer notes, the cage is "too small to keep a bird in full-time." The nocturnal environment for my cockatiel consists of a warm room, and this cage is ideal for use in such environment. Others just adore the fact that they are able to travel with their birds without any hassle, as seen by the statement of one user who writes, "This travel cage offered a great spot to keep him secure while we dined out and overnight while he slept." One more customer has said, "Best of all, the pricing was amazing," and we agree.

  1. Black Hammer tone Prevue Pet Products Wrought-Iron Select Bird Cage

“The metal is a wonderful hefty gauge and simple to wipe and keep clean,” exclaims one bird owner. Our bird likes his huge cage and play space on top.” Another declares this “the greatest birdcage there is,” praising its “grill that swings out like a drawer, and a bottom tray that's extremely deep for filthy birds.” According to one reviewer, “The bars spacing and thickness fits requirements of a medium parrot, such a cockatiel, he cannot escape in between, push his head through or bend them.” However, many others suggest it for medium to big birds. Another who calls this "the most wonderful birdcage ever" likes the wheels since you can move your bird from room to room without taking it out. Rio's biting keeps her in her cage, he writes. She sleeps in it in the kitchen at night and is wheeled into the living room during the day to watch TV and the dog.”

  1. Vision Bird Cage Model S01 Small

This little wire birdcage's easy cleaning impressed reviewers. “This cage is spotless,” writes one. "I adore these cages," says another. Cleans easily and keeps mess within. Every time I swap cages, seeds fall on the floor, and my spouse urges me to put her in this one.” One reviewer said, “When you want to clean the bottom of the cage you merely unclasp the top off the bottom of the cage. Lift the bird and cage off the bottom and set it aside while cleaning.” It's so simple, they say, “Almost makes me want to buy a bird.” "I friggin adore these things," says another. I normally have one in and one out, so they have a landing perch inside their cage to leap to and one side open with a perch to take off from. One writes, “If I were a bird I would want to live in it. If you put enough perches in it, it has lots of area to bounce around and release energy.”


  1. Vision Bird Cage Model M02 - Medium

This cage comes highly recommended by customers who have bigger birds. "On the box, it depicts smaller birds, but I can fit two cockatiels inside of cage with plenty of room to spare. One person who owns birds exclaims, "It is made so beautifully and has fantastic features like four simple to open doors, side access to feeding cups, horizontal wires so birds can climb, and extremely durable and safe for my darling birds," adding, "I think this to survive as long as my birds do, which is 20 years."

Another person who has never had a bird before is completely enamored with this enclosure. They shared their enthusiasm by saying, "My brand-new birds that aren't tamed yet went effortlessly into this new cage." When they found out, they literally acted as if they had won the jackpot. It didn't take long for the birds to get used to their new home, and they appear to be having a great time in it, according to one reviewer who keeps 15 zebra finches in this enclosure. The fact that there is relatively little mess that may be made by the birds in this cage was a big selling factor for many people. One seasoned aviculturist is quite pleased with how quickly the mess can be cleaned up, and they said in their review, "When it says no mess they mean no mess." Only one or two feathers may be found on my floor. This is the perfect cage for you if you are searching for a good enclosure, and you don't want any seeds falling on the floor.