Nulo Cat Food: Great for Cats

Nulo Cat Food: Great for Cats


As a cat-mom of three, I want to do everything in my power to ensure my cats are happy, healthy, and living their best life possible. My cats are an essential part of my family, and I want them to share all of life’s biggest moments with me. So, to ensure they live long and fulfilling lives, I am intentional about how we spend our time together. I provide stimulating and engaging play that challenges their hunting skills and replicates life in the wild. I regularly rotate their toys to pique their interest and curiosity. I ensure their environment is clean, safe, and offers a variety of elevations and textures. Most importantly, I only feed my cats Nulo cat food, which is produced with highest quality ingredients and prioritizes my cat’s health. Nulo cat food is great for cats.

 What Does a Healthy Cat Diet Look like?

In the wild, cats are strictly carnivores and rely on nutrients they consume from their prey. As they evolved and adapted to domesticated life, so did their diets. They still rely on high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of fat, and minimal carbohydrates. Their preferred method of water intake is through their food source and are not always willing to drink standing water.  

 It is recommended that you provide your cats with a balanced diet of wet cat food and dry kibble. Kibble alone does not provide enough hydration to most cats and is usually low in protein. Many brands of cat food also use excessive carbohydrates as filler in kibble. Pair your kibble with a high-protein wet food for the best nutritionally balanced diet. One of the best cat food brands recommended for cats is Nulo.

 Origin of Nulo

Nulo was derived when Michael was unable to access adequate care facilities for his canine best friend, Max. Michael learned all about the pet world and used his biomedical engineering background to understand the root cause of inadequacy in the industry of pet care. He understood that the main health issues suffered by most pets originated from their food supply. He set off on his mission to revolutionize the pet food industry. He moved to Austin, Texas, and worked with animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators to create recipes that he believed would live up to his high expectations and meet his needs for high-quality food for his furry friend, Max.

 What is Nulo?

Nulo is pet food formulated with high animal-based protein, low carbs, and other low-glycemic ingredients to promote health and well-being in pets. Nulo also included a signature patented probiotic to promote digestion. All of their ingredients are carefully chosen and serve a specific nutritional purpose.

 Nulo produces a variety of food products for cats, including dry cat food, wet cat food, freeze-dried raw food, meaty toppers, bone broths, signature stews, water enhancers, and treats.

 Nulo Dry Cat Food

Nulo’s dry cat food is good for cats because it promotes a healthy digestive system through their signature probiotics and is composed of eighty-three to ninety percent animal-based proteins. Due to the high protein formula, it leaves little room for carbohydrate filler. The carbohydrates that are included are grain-free, so it comes from ingredients such as sweet potatoes and chickpeas, which are low-glycemic whole-food carbohydrates. The kibble has a balanced amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promotes healthy skin and shiny coats. It also has vitamin A and Taurine, which supports healthy vision and heart functions. Each ingredient is functional and nutrient-rich.

 The dry cat food comes in a large variety of flavors, so your cat will never tire of eating the same boring chicken flavor day in and day out. Some of the feature flavors include Chicken and Cod, Duck and Lentils, and Trout and Duck. Their dry food also addresses a variety of dietary concerns, including indoor cat, hairball management, high-meat kibble, and weight management. The kibble itself comes in a small disk shape. Since cats are highly sensitive to the shape and texture of their food, this is ideal for most cats.

 Nulo Wet Cat Food

Similar to the dry kibble, Nulo wet cat food is formulated with your cat’s health as the number one priority. The high protein, low carbohydrate formula is a complete and balanced nutritional diet for your cat. Wet cat food promotes hydration and ensures your cat receives adequate amounts of fluids. 

 The wet cat food comes in a large variety of flavors, including Yellowfin Tuna and Shrimp, Chicken and Chicken liver, Chicken and Salmon, and Chicken, Duck, and Pumpkin Stew. The wet cat food comes in several different textures, so each cat’s preferences are met. The textures include meat in broth, chunks in gravy, savory stews, fluffy mousse, and the regular smooth pâté recipe.

 Nulo Freeze-Dried Raw and Nulo Tasty Toppers

For an added treat, you can sprinkle Nulo’s freeze-dried raw or tasty toppers over your cat’s food.

 The freeze-dried raw recipe contains ninety-eight percent raw animal products. For example, the freeze-dried raw turkey and duck recipe contains ninety-eight percent turkey, duck, organs, and bones, as well as other functional ingredients such as cranberries and dried kelp for extra nutrition. The other freeze-dried flavor is chicken and salmon. This treat can also be served as a full meal since it is so nutrient-rich.

 The tasty toppers come in beef or chicken and salmon flavors. These toppers are also freeze-dried raw nutrients produced from the highest quality of ingredients. This product should only be used as a supplement to their regular food and should not be used as the meal itself.

 Nulo Bone Broths

Bone broths are used to enhance your cat’s feeding experience. They can be poured over the kibble or freeze-dried raw recipes for added hydration and nutrients. The broths are kettle-cooked from the finest ingredients to extract as many nutrients as possible and infused with ingredients such as parsley, thyme, and turmeric for flavor. The bone broths come in single-serving packets, and the flavors include turkey, chicken, and beef.

 Nulo Water Enhancers

Nulo Hydrate water enhancer not only supports hydration, but it also contains electrolytes that aid in water absorption. Amino acids and vitamins have also been added to maximize your cat’s nutritional absorption. The two flavors available are beef and chicken liver.

 Nulo Treats

Nulo offers a variety of pureé treat flavors to spoil your cats with. Serve as is or use as a topper to enhance your cat’s feeding experience. Some of the flavors available include Beef and Sardine, Chicken and Salmon, Chicken, and Tuna and Scallop.

 Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that Nulo has not only prioritized our cat’s health and well-being, but they focused on creating an enjoyable feeding experience for them. They have formulated a large variety of products and flavors to ensure that there is something for every cat. They utilize the finest ingredients and ensure that each ingredient serves a nutritional purpose. Nulo is great for cats and my cats deserve only the best.