Reptile lights

Reptile lights

  1. Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp T8 12% UVB

Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamps offer your reptile with the all-important UV rays it needs to incorporate calcium into its food, therefore maintaining a strong and robust skeleton, in the same way as the sun supplies these rays in the natural environment of the desert.

Desert reptiles are naturally subjected to intense sunshine, and as a result, they have a continuous exposure to UV-B light. As a result, it is recommended that desert reptiles be housed beneath a 12% UV-B D3+ Reptile Lamp. The Arcadia D3+ Reptile lamp is a full spectrum lamp that recreates the effect of sunlight shining across a cloudless desert sky.


  1. Exo Terra Reptile UVB 100 Tube

Replacing the Reptile Glo 5.0, the Exo Terra Reptile UVB100 emits appropriate levels of UVB, which are comparable to those in gloomy habitats such as rain forests or other tropical areas. The climatological factors (quite high humidity, fluctuations in weather, etc.) that prevent direct, unfiltered sunlight from reaching the basking spot of the reptiles residing in these environments result in moderate levels of ultraviolet radiation being received by the reptiles.

The ideal vitamin D3 yield index enables the photosynthesis of vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb calcium and reduces the risk of developing metabolic diseases.

  • Perfect for all kinds of tropical and subtropical reptiles.
  • UVB exposure at just the right level.
  • Offers the essential UVB photons for the functioning of the calcium metabolic pathway.
  • The hunger, activity, and reproductive behavior of animals are all stimulated by UVA rays.
  1. Komodo Fluorescent T8 UVB 10%

If you want to ensure that your desert reptile has the greatest possible health, you will need to make sure that it receives the appropriate amounts of UVB and UVA light. As a reputable producer, Komodo works hard to provide goods that are user-friendly and effective, with the goal of assisting customers in the creation of an environment for their pets that is both similar to and beneficial to the animal's natural habitat.

Bearded Dragons and other desert-dwelling reptiles, like Chameleons, require a high dose of UVB, and the 10% UVB tubes sold by Komodo are an excellent method to make sure they get it. The formation of vitamin D3, which is required for the proper growth and strength of bones, requires UVB, which is essential for its production.

These wonderful light tubes also deliver a high amount of UVA, which is essential for ensuring that your reptile has a robust immune system and can fend off disease. This, in turn, guarantees that he has a healthy appetite, strong vision, and that he is in the greatest possible physical condition that he may be in.

Komodo has constructed its T8 tubes in such a manner that they equally spread the clear, strong light around the tank. This ensures that your Beardie or Uromastyx will receive the same level of care and comfort no matter where they are in their habitat. You can be sure that your reptile is getting all he needs, and at the same time, you are saving money because this product is both energy efficient and long lasting.

When you are ready to configure the lighting within your vivarium, you will want a light control unit. Here at Swell Reptiles, we also carry the efficient Komodo T8 Light Control Unit, which is offered in four different sizes to accommodate each 10% tube.

  1. Swell, Super Sun Mercury Vapor Lamps

Your reptiles will get the vitamin benefits that they would get from natural sunlight, including the essential vitamin D3, which is used by your reptile to assimilate calcium into their system for healthy bones, preventing the development of any skeletal deformities. Swell Super Sun Mercury Vapor Bulbs are a brilliant multi-beneficial light, heat, and UV source for your reptiles. These bulbs are a brilliant multi-beneficial light, heat, and UV source for your reptiles.

The Super Sun is a product that is unique to Swell Reptiles and combines light and heat. It emits ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB rays) as well as infra-red light/heat, both of which stimulate your reptile's appetite and encourage general activity. In addition, your reptile's brilliant colors will improve under the Super Sun's exposure. These bulbs, like other mercury-vapor lights, are incompatible with thermostats and should be used exclusively in large enclosures or open-top tables.

This type cannot be used in conjunction with a thermostat; it is recommended for vivariums with a height of more than 120 cm / 4 feet; and it must be hung vertically. It comes in three different wattages, 75W, 125W, and 160W, and it has to be used with a ceramic screw holder, like the one seen on the Swell Clamp Lamps. Because the UVB remittance of these bulbs will gradually decrease over time, they will need to be replaced once every six months to keep the reptile in good condition.

  1. Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot

These Arcadia Halogen Basking Spot lamps are wonderful for providing a secondary source of illumination in your vivarium or terrarium in addition to being an excellent source of light and heat for your reptile.

Your reptile will have a better chance of keeping their optimal body temperature for homeostasis and good metabolic function if they are kept in an environment that is well-lit and heated, despite the fact that they do not emit ultraviolet light, which is required by the vast majority of, if not all, reptiles.

There are very few halogen basking lamps on the market that are comparable when used in conjunction with a light that features a suitable UV output for your reptile. Arcadia basking lamps are at the top of their class and can be purchased at Swell Reptiles for a price that is significantly lower than the competition.

The 75w Halogen may be purchased with either a halogen bulb of the normal size or the larger PAR 30 size, which is more suited to larger enclosures. The 100-watt bulb has a PAR 38, which means it has a much bigger diameter than the standard bulb.

  1. White Python White Daylight LED Kits

This White Python Daylight White LED Kit is a modular LED Lighting System that is great for generating brilliantly illuminated reptile settings without modifying the amount of UV or heat your reptile receives. Instead, you should leave that up to the UV Bulbs and heating equipment that you have.

LED lights are significantly more efficient than even some of the best incandescent lights. They have low-energy inputs but high outputs, providing you with the light you require while simultaneously lowering your electricity bill in comparison to lights that do not use LED technology. The White Python Daylight Whites are no exception to this rule.

They are perfect for snakes, leopard geckos, and other reptiles that do not have a vivarium or terrarium roof packed with UV lighting, brightening your reptile's home with visible light so you can get a great view of your reptile carrying out its instinctive behaviors and bringing their environment to life. Since they are designed to simulate white-light spectrums, they are perfect for snakes, leopard geckos, and other reptiles.

More lights can be easily clipped on to this modular light system, which features a quick and simple installation. Each unit features approximately 50,000 hours of light (that's around x10 the lifespan of fluorescent lights!), a 3 year warranty, and a running wattage of around 10.8w. In addition, each unit has a running wattage of around 10.8w.

  1. Arcadia ThermalZooPro

The Arcadia ThermalZooPro is a light fitting that has been developed specifically for use in large enclosures, reptile rooms, and professional environments. This one-of-a-kind fitting has the capacity to carry not just two strip lights, which may be used to illuminate your terrarium and generate UVA and UVB illumination, but also two ES fitting screw spotlights, which can be put to use for general heating and basking places. It is possible to exercise complete control over the amount of ultraviolet radiation (UV) and the temperature in various parts of the enclosure by using a thermostat that can be purchased separately and used to control each lamp individually.

  1. Zoo Med's Reptisun 10.0 UVB

Your reptile will have an easier time absorbing the UVB rays that are necessary for vitamin D3 production and maintaining strong bones when you use Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0. The ReptiSun 10.0 is a small fluorescent bulb that can provide strong UVB rays up to 20 inches away from your reptile. As a result, the 10% bulb is better ideal for bigger vivariums than the 10.0 bulb.

Additionally, it is appropriate for use in flexariums equipped with mesh screens, which block around fifty percent of the UVB radiation. As is the case with the vast majority of UV tubes, this one is intended to produce an amount of UV acceptable for desert-dwelling animals.