super zoo 2022

Super Zoo 2022

Super Zoo 2022 was hosted in Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The premier trade show when considering pet retail, Super Zoo 2022 did not disappoint. Upwards of 16,000 professionals within the pet industry attended this massive event. Attendants came from all over the world to be present for the fun, as representatives from nearly 30 countries had a chance to experience Super Zoo 2022. Those present at Super Zoo 2022 had opportunities to network with their peers and watch dozens of presentations given by leaders in the pet retail realm, but the real attraction in the eyes of many attendants was the exciting new products that were unveiled during the event. Super Zoo 2022 featured a New Product Showcase to highlight the superb selection of innovative creations. Within the showcase, a record-shattering 900 products could be seen. Five judges assessed all of the products that were present at Super Zoo 2022, and after much deliberation, they distributed awards for the best products in an assortment of categories. Here are 10 of the most popular new products that were promoted at Super Zoo 2022:

1. Dinbeat UNO Wearable Harness

We’ll start the list off with the remarkable creation that took home the award for the top new pet product-the UNO wearable harness by Dinbeat. Ideal for those working in the pet healthcare industry, the stylish harness created by Dinbeat is capable of measuring the vital signs of whatever patient may be wearing it. What’s truly impressive about this invention is its capacity to accomplish this task without the need to be plugged into a wall; the UNO wearable harness is completely wireless, allowing patients to move about freely. Available in five different sizes to accommodate both cats and dogs, this harness certainly has a bright future within the realm of pet healthcare

2. LickiMat Keeper

Have a pooch that seemingly inhales their food every time they eat? Well, the LickiMat keeper by Innovative Pet Products may just be for you! This creation was voted the best new product related to dogs, and for good reason. Simply place a soft treat such as peanut butter onto the LickiMat keeper, and your dog will be distracted for several minutes given that this product has many nooks and crannies that your dog will have to lick to access the treat. Considering that the action of licking releases endorphins, leaving an anxious dog with a Lickimat to occupy themselves is an ideal solution

3. Backyard Boost Songbird Balls

These tasty treats took home the gold in the bird category, as they provide a delicious and nutritious treat for wild birds and pets alike. Those who purchase this product can easily place it into a birdfeeder in their yard and watch as an assortment of wild bird species come to feast on the sunflower seeds and other goodies within. BioZyme has specially engineered their songbird balls to be far less messy compared to traditional bird seed, as birds methodically peck at the songbird balls to select the food that they want. Your pet birds will also love this yummy morsel, and considering it’s loaded with prebiotics and other healthy nutrients, it is certainly a healthy option.

4. Trach Saver by All For Groomers

Everyone knows dogs or cats that simply do not appreciate being restrained. Their disdain for restraint often prompts them to tug on their leash or pull at their collar, and such actions can, unfortunately, cause damage to the tracheas of a dog or cat. Enter the Trach Saver-an absolute godsend for groomers, as it grants them peace of mind knowing that when they use this product, their clients will be safe from any trachea damage. Each of the three different materials used by All For Groomers to make the Trach Saver prioritizes the preservation of a dog or cat tracheaallowing them to breathe easily and relax a bit more during groom

5. TrioGoodsForACause Gifts and Accessories

Winning the top prize in the gifts and accessories category at SuperZoo 2022, the sustainable shop TrioGoodsForACause is based out of Pakistan. Striving to minimize waste while providing work to local women, this store is all about sustainability. Specializing in dog accessories such as toys and leashes, TrioGoodsForACause ensures that their products contain 85% waste material— 60% of which is fishing nets that are pulled out of the ocean. This sustainable business model has been a boon to local women of Pakistan who make these products, and this brand looks to endure long into the future.

6. Recover by FlockLeader

Voted the top new product at Super Zoo 2022 in the farm and feed category, Recover is a fantastic new product for owners of poultry. Poultry may be exposed to many different stressors including overheating and other environmental stressors, so this product looks to provide a solution with its brilliant design. Essentially working as a liquid IV, Recover by FlockLeader provides stressed poultry with electrolytes and probiotics to help a bird make a quick recovery if suffering from some kind of stressor. One packet can be added to up to one gallon of water and once the stressed bird consumes this water, it will quickly begin to recover due to the beneficial additives within this product.

7. Oxbox Enrichment Products

Winner of the small animal category at Super Zoo 2022, Oxbox released an assortment of stunning new products related to small animal enrichment. Often an overlooked component of small animal health, enrichment mentally stimulates small pets and keeps them entertained. With dozens of sensational products related to animal enrichment in Oxbox’s stellar lineup, there is something for every small pet. From dangling toys to rolling balls, your tiny companion is sure to be pleased with any of Oxbox’s fun, creative toys. 

8. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

This brilliant creation stimulates your cat’s mind while they work to get their food. Cats that consume their food too quickly are prone to throwing up their food later, so a device that regulates the rate at which a cat eats its food is needed to prevent such an accident. Luckily, Catit has made a device that does just that, as owners can deposit the cat food into several tubes in which cats will reach in and dig out their food. In doing so, cats are working to solve a puzzle while they are eventually rewarded with their food.

9. Jiby Dog Crew Skatebowls

The runner-up in the best new dog product, these stylish eating arrangements are sure to be a hit amongst many dog owners. Jiby Dog Crew created a genius design as they take the body of a skateboard and insert two dog feeding bowls into their product. The result is a dazzling eating location for your pet that is sure to impress those who get a chance to see it. Coming in an assortment of designs and being made with an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion, Jiby Dog Crew’s Skatebowls are unquestionably a top-notch product.

10. Groovies Cat Dental Treats

Taking home second place in the new cat products category at Super Zoo 2022, these treats are sure to freshen even the foulest cat breath. These dental treats are specifically designed with ridges and grooves to reach even the most inaccessible parts of your cat’s mouth. Therefore, owners can rest assured knowing that plaque and tartar will be removed from their cat’s mouths once they try these treats. The innovative design of Groovies Cat Dental Treats provides them with an industry-leading idea that will surely bring them great success.

The stellar collection of new products that were on display at Super Zoo 2022 made this perhaps the best year in the show’s history. Brands that were lucky enough to win a prize at this year’s competition will doubtlessly benefit from the tremendous exposure that this well-known event brings, and more exciting products will definitely be introduced in subsequent years. Those who attended the event were certainly delighted by the variety of presentations, products, and pet retail professionals, and with record-setting attendance numbers this year, the future certainly looks bright for the Super Zoo event