Talis helping hand during the covid-19 pandemic

Talis helping hand during the covid-19 pandemic 

The Covid-19 pandemic shocked the whole world, and no one expected that 2020 could be this tough. Many people have lost their jobs. Others have had to close their businesses. It has been very tough since the year started, but things are slowly getting better. At Talis, we took the initiative to help local dog shelter with monthly donations of different pet products and foods. 

Why we started this initiative?

Since the global pandemic hit the world in late 2019, we noticed a change in business profit margins. Even our business was largely affected by the pandemic. After Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the whole world was glaring at an uncertain future. Lockdowns followed the world in different countries; the ports and airspace were put on hold. Transport and even exporting commodities become a challenge, leading to job losses. 

As a company, we evaluated the situation, bearing in mind, we were also affected by the pandemic. Our sales went down drastically, and we had to cope with the new business environment. The management felt that it was also important to help where we could. We decided to donate pet food to the local dog shelter at least once a month. We are in the pet business, and it could be worse if we can watch the local dog shelter struggling to feed the innocent dogs. 

What pet food do we donate?

At Talis, we deal with a wide variety of pet products from foods, furniture, habitats, maintenance of pet furniture and homes. We have different products to offer, and we deal with almost all domestic animals’ commodities. For instance, we have cat products, ranging from cat food, cat furniture, cat treats, cat supplements, dog and cat house. In Pets, we offer a pet fountain, pet gates, pet strollers, and pet toilet, to mention a few. All details are available on the home page of our website. 

Since we’re donating to a local dog shelter, we make sure we donate a different food product to keep the dogs healthy every month. Besides, we also donate other pet products like pet toilets, pet fountains, pet strollers, and pet gates, amongst others. For the past few months, we have donated almost all the products we offer but in phases. The local dog shelter now enjoys almost all the essential dog furniture, and we still supply different dog food to them. 

Which local dog shelter is eligible for our donations?

We understand that so many local dog shelters are struggling to sustain the dogs. Currently, everyone is trying to recover from the economic turmoil as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. We know that many local dog shelters would love to be supported, and we’re working on ensuring that we support them where we can. 

We do thorough research and make pre-visits to evaluate the existing local dog shelter, know how needy they are and the products they are in dire need of. So, far we have reached out to over 50 local dog shelters. We always try our best to be as fair as possible when choosing a local dog shelter to support. However, our donations are limited due to the slow business. We only donate what we can afford at a particular month. It’s good for all our customers to understand this, again we also welcome anyone willing to support the program to reach out to use for more information. 

How long will this program last?

Currently, Talis company management is yet to decide or set timelines for monthly donations. This was a give-back to community program designed to help the needy local dog shelters. The program will go on for a while as long the company can sustain it and hopefully, until the point where we would have beaten the pandemic. Talis company is always committed to build a better society and help where we can. We hope that the program will go beyond the post-COVID-19 era. 

Does Talis have any partners supporting this program?

These pet products and foods donations are our programs that we started to help the needy local dog shelters. The covid-19 pandemic hit hard almost every sector of the economy, and at some point, donors also pulled out of different programs they used to fund. This was Talis program from the beginning and remains the company initiative. We have no partners so far unless we get some onboard in the future, and when that comes, we will update all our customers through our social media platforms and website. 

In conclusion, Talis remains the largest and the best pet products and food company in the region. We’re always committed to providing our clients with the best pet foods and products. We have all products you may need for almost all home pets such as dogs, cats, domestic animals, fish, birds, and reptiles. The products include furniture, foods, and supplements to keep your pets healthy. For more information, visit our website or contact us via our call line or emails, all available on the website. 



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