The Best Cat Toys to Keep Your Cat Purring

The Best Cat Toys to Keep Your Cat Purring

Every cat owner wants to see their cats playing, jumping around, and having a good time. Sometimes this can be even more difficult for cats than other animals, especially if your cat is indoor. While cats may spend a lot of time snoozing, a full and exciting life should also have a decent amount of play, too. Therefore, we compiled a list of all of the very best cat toys that are sure to keep your kitty cat purring with joy!

Colorful Springs Cat Toy

These springy toys will leave your cat jumping for joy! Their springing action gets cats all wound up and excited. Cats love to chase these toys that are only $6 on Amazon. Cats seem to think they are hunting when they chase around these toys, and often proudly march up to their owners once the springs are successfully “caught”. The one tricky thing about these toys is that they can be easily lost under couches or refrigerators because of their springy nature. The fun may be worth it to your cat though!

Electric Moving Interactive Fish Toy

Another awesome toy for your cat that’ll make it feel like a successful hunter is the Electric Moving Interactive Fish Toy. This toy looks and flops like a fish, giving an exciting life-like experience for your cat! This toy encourages your cat to practice wrestling. It also comes with a bonus catnip pouch to get your cat extra worked up! This toy does need to be charged, and comes with a USB cord so you can do so easily.

Interactive Cat Scratcher

This awesome toy has four different ways to entertain your cat! It includes a cardboard scratcher, which is great to keep your cat’s paws busy. You can always sprinkle some catnip on the cardboard as well for an extra good time. There’s also a roller ball around the edge of the toy as well as a spring toy your cat can wack at. This is sure to hold your cat’s attention, and deter it from clawing at any of your furniture! After some use, you may need to replace the cardboard insert, but that’s the only foreseeable negative about this awesome toy.

Coastal Pet Turbo Scratcher

Very similar to the Interactive Cat Scratcher is the Coastal Pet Turbo Scratcher! This toy also has a cardboard scratcher, and a ball that rolls around the perimeter of the cardboard. This toy is reported to keep cats entertained for hours! You can sprinkle catnip on this toy as well for a bonus bit of excitement. Same as the other, you can definitely replace the cardboard insert if you need to!

Concealed Motion Cat Toy

If you are someone who doesn’t love to initiate play with your cat but wants them to enjoy it just the same, a Concealed Motion Cat Toy is for you. They are a little more expensive at $17, but the ability for your cat to play and be entertained independently is well worth the price. This toy simulates a creature under the mat that will get your cat all excited to catch. Reports even say that older cats get excited with this toy! Some drawbacks are that the Concealed Motion Cat Toy does make a little bit of noise and can take up some floor space. In addition, this is a battery operated toy. However, if you are not fond of finding play time with your cat, this is worth it!

Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser

Another great option for your cat to enjoy some independent play is the Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser. This toy is battery operated, so be sure to have batteries prepared when setting up. This is an excellent way for your cat to practice its stalking skills, as the butterflies on this toy move randomly in different directions. Not to mention this butterfly toy is adorable! It also is a great option to keep your cat occupied during the night, as the butterflies glow in the dark.

Rainbow Catnip Toy

What cat doesn’t go crazy for a little catnip? Give your cat a special treat with this adorable Rainbow Catnip Toy. Buyers report that their cats can even smell the toy from outside of the packaging. This toy is $7 on Amazon, and is durable and long-lasting. Not to mention the design of this rainbow is adorable! Treat your cat to this toy and it’ll be the happiest animals around.

Rainbow Cat Charmer

Along the theme of rainbows, another great cat toy is the Rainbow Cat Charmer! This is a classic, and an excellent toy if you have some younger kids who like to play with your cat as well. You can dance the ribbon around the cats and get your cat leaping through the air with excitement. You’re sure to bond with your cat using this toy. One thing to be aware of is that the ribbon may rip or tear if the cat bites or claws at it too much. But it certainly is worth the risk!

Automatic Laser Toy

The laser toy is a CLASSIC! Who isn’t endlessly entertained by the mystery and unpredictability of a red laser? Turn on this toy and get busy working on other things because the Automatic Laser Toy is sure to keep your cat entertained without any of your help. The laser makes random sporadic movements that keep the game interesting. A great bonus is it can also be an excellent game for dogs, too! You will need to recharge the battery after use, and you also want to be aware that since there is actually nothing physical for your cat to catch, the game may get old after a while. But the freedom to do as you wish while your animals are happy may be worth it for you!

Mouwoo LED Pointer for Cats

This is another excellent laser option for your cat! If you want in on the fun, you can use this handheld laser to tease your cat as it bounces and leaps around the room trying to find the laser! This is a rechargeable device that charges with a USB. One thing about this toy is that you may want to establish a regular “exit” that the laser goes to each time you’re done playing so that your cat isn’t wound up still searching for the intruder long after you’ve called it quits with the game. This can help you communicate with your cat that the game is over, and help them understand that they can relax now.

Vesper Cat Tree

Who could forget the infamous cat tree? Help your cat feel mighty and proud with this gorgeous addition to your cat’s favorite toys. Vesper Cat Trees are great because there is such variety in the colors, shapes, sizes and configurations that they are sold in, which ensures that you will find the perfect cat tree for your cat! They are also made of modern wood, have parts with carpet pads and have hanging ball toys. The high quality scratching pads ensure that your cat will be way more entertained scratching the tree than if they were to scratch your furniture!

Cats can be a bit picky about many things and toys are definitely one of them. Cats are never shy in showing their opinions, and will be clear if they love or hate a new toy you bring into the house. You know your cat best, and we compiled some of the best cat toys on the market. Match your cat’s personality and needs to our awesome collection of toys and you are sure to leave your cat purring, tuckered out from having so much fun, and so grateful for its amazing owner! Happy cat toy hunting! We hope you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for in our list!