Traveling with Pets

Traveling with Pets

Summer is right around the corner, and what does that mean? Road trip season! A 2018 survey found that a whopping 95 percent of pet owners plan overnight trips with their pets. If you plan on bringing your furry companion along for an adventure this summer make sure to plan ahead to reduce any travel stress for you and your pet.

 Keep your pet restrained and secured

As nice as it is to snuggle with your animal, they should be restrained in a pet carrier during travel, and the carrier should be secured to reduce movement or jostling. This will keep you and your pet safe during travel, particularly if there is an accident on the road.

 Bring enough food and water for the trip

Cruising down the I-5 is not the time for your pet to realize that the new dog treats you picked up on the road don’t agree with him. Stock up on your dog’s favorite treats and food, and make sure that you have enough to keep them full and happy throughout the journey.

 Pack a pet travel kit

Bring your pet’s health records and pet first aid items. Better to be prepared and not need any of it, than have your pet injure themselves and be without the supplies you need. Make sure that all of your contact information is attached to your pet’s collar. Have their tattoo or microchip information with you.

 Give them breaks

Just like we need to stretch our legs on long car rides, so do pets! Schedule regular stops where your pet can safely explore and relieve themselves. Do not leave them in the car in warm weather; pets can suffer from heatstroke in just 10 minutes.


Please, please, please book pet-friendly accommodations! While many places charge pet fees they are worth it. Do not try to smuggle your pet into the room or rental. Familiarize your pet with their temporary digs. Take them for a walk so they can smell the area, or let them explore your room freely.

 Plane travel and car travel needs will differ. If traveling by plane, make sure to check your airline’s carrier dimensions and requirements. Pad your pet’s carrier with a soft towel and give them safe toys to chew, and water to drink. Make sure you advise the airline that your pet will be traveling as the number of pets allowed on flights is limited. Board early to get your pet settled in their carrier and to make sure you’re both comfortable and calm before take off.

 Planning ahead for travel with your pet will make your journey much more enjoyable. Some of our favorite items to bring are:


  • Portable food dish
  • Hydro bowl
  • Homeopet Travel Anxiety medication
  • Gen7Pets Deluxe Car Seat Cover
  • Kaytee CritterTrail Playpen

 The most important thing to bring? A good, adaptable attitude about traveling with your pet. Your pet will be so excited to be on a summertime adventure with you! Let them explore, meet other animals and create memories together.