Wet Dog Food Brands for the Spoiled Pup

Wet Dog Food Brands for the Spoiled Pup

When it comes to our dogs we know they deserve the best. Not only do they provide us with love and affection but they offer us unconditional love, something that can be hard to come by these days. And of course we want to make sure they are happy and healthy while in our care, which is why picking the best wet dog food is such an important decision! Here we are specifically going to discuss wet food brands that we have found to be the best options, because for those picky eaters we know it’s a must!


Not only is wet dog food ideal for our picky pups, but it also has other benefits such as having a higher moisture content than our dry food counterparts. This can aid in keeping your pup more hydrated throughout the day and can help prevent ailments that dehydration causes such as urinary tract infections. Wet food brands usually have the same protein content but much less carbs, which is phenomenal for a dog’s overall health. This can also aid with overweight dogs, because unused carbs can turn right into fat. Carbs are hard for our pups to digest, so since wet food overall has less carbs, it's actually better for them. This being said, feeding only wet means that you’ll need to use dental chews and other ways to remove plaque from your pup’s teeth, because only feeding wet food won’t aid in removing extra plaque from their mouths, but it’s a small price to pay for a food that will be more rich in proteins and aid in your dog's overall hydration. 


We all know that finding good food is important, but rifling through the many options can be daunting to say the least. You need food that will support your dog’s longevity, have limited ingredients, and be a safe bet for your pet. Here are some food options that do not only pet safe but they support overall pet health and well-being.


  1. Natural balance of pet food platefuls:

This is actually a new formula by natural balance, which is a world-renowned dog food brand that specifically engineers healthy food for all types of dogs. This style of dog food resembles a home-cooked meal, and it truly gets the attention of your pups once they get a whiff. It is cooked slowly in bone broth and is perfect for picky eaters! This food can be used alone or as a topper to help your pup enjoy their meal, get all of their nutrients, and enjoy the savory taste of what resembles mama’s freshly baked food in their eyes. This formula is composed of all-natural ingredients with added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and is designed to leave your pup drooling for more. It comes in several flavors such as harvest chicken, beef & potato, or duck and pumpkin. Be sure to give them all a try to see what your dog’s favorite recipe is!


  1. Avoderm wet food:

This yummy food uses the highest quality ingredients mixed with the avocado superfood for a well balanced meal for your pup. It’s grain free and provides quality sources of protein for your pup. One of the best things about avoderm is that it helps your dog to have an extremely healthy and soft coat due to the vitamin rich avocados and Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids. It’s filled with pieces of hearty veggies so your pup will get the best possible nutrition! It's a highly balanced and digestible formula that you will not want to miss out on.


  1. On the move:

 This wet food is one for the active pups in our lives! Not only does it support healthy joints but it maintains strong immune function and helps YOUR pup to live a tail-wagging, active, and happy life. This glorious food combines proper levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium AND copper to create the perfect formula for optimal bone health. Having the strength and ability to be a more active pup will also help keep your dogs weight down, which can add loving years to their short little life. Their skin and coat will also thrive with this targeted nutrition formula!


  1.  Nothing else 100% turkey

If you are looking for something with minimal ingredients that you KNOW is reliable, check out this ONE ingredient dog food! And seriously guys, this label doesn’t lie, it's literally just turkey! They also have other one-ingredient formulas such as beef and salmon. This kind of formula is great for dogs with specific sensitivities or allergies because you won’t have to read an insanely long list of ingredients to know what’s in it. They truly do keep it simple! Other benefits include it being corn, wheat, grain and gluten free. SO many foods have various additives, so you won’t have to worry at all with this one!

  1. Nutro Natural Choice

This brand is one you're gonna absolutely love because their mission is to feed our pups clean. This means ONLY GMO-free ingredients and simple, purpose driven formulas. The great thing about this brand is they don’t use any yucky animal by-products, so your dog truly will be getting a clean meal with no additives. They use no wheat, corn or soy and use only nutrient rich and trustworthy food in their recipes. This is truly a brand you can trust, and they have proven it with years of delivering only high quality recipes to our furry friends. They use absolutely no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and use top notch sources of protein to nourish your pup from the inside out.


Knowledge is power when it comes to feeding our beloved pets, and with the right lense into the foods we know and love, we can be sure that we are feeding our pups only the best. Whether your dog is on the move all the time, a picky eater, or has sensitivities, there is truly something for everyone. We CARE about your dog’s well-being, and as an amazing dog mom or dad should, we know you want to research and find only the best products for your pup.