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Health Extension Impawfect Pumpkin & Ginger Soft & Chewy DogTreats for Digestive Support 4.5oz

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Does your pup have trouble digesting certain things? Do you worry about all the perfectly good treats going to waste when people discard them for being “imperfect”? That’s why we at Impawfect™ are proud to offer Pumpkin & Ginger Soft & Chewy Dog Treats for Digestive Support—an eco-friendly, upcycled treat that is just purrfect for your pup!

Our pumpkin and ginger filled treats are packed with antioxidants and dietary fiber, which helps support digestion and glycemic health. Plus, with 40% upcycled ingredients, these treats are even better for the planet than conventional dog snacks. Best of all, each package comes in recyclable packaging that reduces the amount of waste on the planet. So your pup can get a delicious snack while you help make the world a greener place!

What sets Impawfect™ apart from other organic, grain-free brands is our commitment to keeping perfectly good food waste out of landfills. That’s why every batch meets strict FDA standards and is safe and nutritious for your pup. Our unique recipe also means the soft texture of these digestive aids helps promote acceptance in finicky eaters, so owners don’t have to worry about picky palates causing their dog to miss out on important digestive nutrition. And finally, these delectable goodies can’t be beat in terms of taste! One look (and smell!) at these scrumptious morsels will have your pup begging for more!

Give your pup a tail wagging treat they can truly sink their teeth into with Impawfect™ Pumpkin & Ginger Soft & Chewy Dog Treats! They’ll love its delicious flavor and you’ll love knowing it’s helping keep perfectly good food out of landfills–it really is a win-win situation.

Ingredients Dried Bakery Product, Cassava Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Pumpkin Puree, Canola Oil, Lactic Acid, Ginger, Brown Rice, Whole Egg


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Health Extension Impawfect Pumpkin & Ginger Soft & Chewy DogTreats for Digestive Support 4.5oz

$18.65 AUD

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